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The start of 2022 has been nothing more than a roller coaster trip for the cryptocurrency market. While a few days in recent times...

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Top 10 cryptocurrency for small business

The start of 2022 has been nothing more than a roller coaster trip for the cryptocurrency market. While a few days in recent times haven’t really been to benefit the market for cryptocurrency, what can be said as a ray that is hopeful are the rebound of the cryptocurrencies, although slow and steady. 

It is possible to become filthy rich placing your money into the cryptocurrency market in 2022, but you may also lose all your capital. The investment in crypto assets can be risky, but it could also be very profitable. Cryptocurrency is an excellent investment option in order to be able to directly participate in the growing demand for digital currencies. 

While Bitcoin is still the dominant player in the crypto industry but others promising altcoins are being talked about since they have been attracting a lot of cryptocurrency investors these days. It is evident that Bitcoin isn’t the only cryptocurrency option to consider investing in. This article gives the most popular 10 cryptocurrencies entrepreneurs with small businesses should consider investing in.

Top 10 Cryptocurrency to invest in 2022


In 2009, Bitcoin was created by Satoshi Nakamoto in 2009, Bitcoin is the primary cryptocurrency. Like most cryptocurrency, BTC runs on a blockchain, also known as a ledger, that records transactions distributed across thousands of computers. Since any additions to the ledgers distributed by the network must be confirmed by solving a cryptographic challenge which is a method known as proof of work Bitcoin is safe and secure from scammers.


The most sought-after cryptocurrency around the globe The Ether token is based on the Ethereum blockchain, and has grown into the foundation of cryptocurrency industry. In simple terms, if today Bitcoin is gold and Ether is silver, then Ether can be described as silver. Ethereum brought new innovations to the security of blockchains and their usage, with its smart contracts’ turning into an alternative platform for different applications.


Cardano remains an extremely well-known cryptocurrency because of its adaptable network and speedy transactions. It claims to be more eco-friendly to the environment as opposed to other currencies. Similar to dividends paid by companies on stocks, it is able to justify higher rates over time, since it has collected real-world applications that range from supply chains for farms to combating retail plagiarization. The ability to scale, sustainability as well as interoperability are a few of the main reasons why it is a top choice. The recent upgrade to the network has made it possible for the ability to create smart contracts that run on the network.


Tezos is among the top cryptos for investors’ social involvement in the turbulent cryptocurrency marketplace. It is an open-source platform that addresses the barriers to adoption of blockchain in digital asset and apps. Tezos is a blockchain that is energy efficient for entrepreneurs, artists brands, as well as others to join an DApps network.

Binance Coin

It is Binance Coin is a form of cryptocurrency that you utilize to make trades and pay for fees on Binance one of the biggest crypto exchanges worldwide. Since its introduction in the year 2017, Binance Coin has expanded beyond just facilitating trades on the exchange platform of Binance. It can now be utilized to process payments, trades as well as making travel arrangements. It is also able to be exchanged or traded in exchange for other types of cryptocurrency, like Ethereum as well as Bitcoin.


Solana is an exciting newcomer that has managed to make its way into the realm of DeFi and gain significant market share. A lot of currencies are built on the dominant Ethereum network However, not Solana that has its own own blockchain, which uses SOL, the original SOL token. Solana’s transaction fees are low and will continue to lure customers from Ethereum up to the point that The Merge is complete.


Polkadot (DOT) It is an original PoS cryptocurrency that aims to provide interoperability between other blockchains. The protocol is created to connect permissioned and unpermissioned oracles and blockchains so that systems can collaborate in a single location. Polkadot’s main element is the relay chain which allows interoperability among various networks. It also permits parallel blockchains, or parachains, with the native currency of their respective blockchains that can be used in specific use instances.


The XRP cryptocurrency is among the most popular cryptocurrency in this list. It is a valuable token that has low transaction fees and quick transactions. Ripple the company behind XRP has established its status for being the top choice of partner by numerous countries when it comes to developing their own digital currency. Additionally, the technology of Ripple is utilized by a multitude of banks to facilitate transactions around the world.


Avalanche is a brand new “layer one” blockchain — a new blockchain which improves the basic protocol in order to make the system more flexible according to how Binance stated in its description. It was created as an Ethereum rival with the help of Ava Labs and computer scientists at Cornell University, one of who is a ex-professor Emin Gun Sirer is a veteran in research into cryptography as per CoinMarketCap.


Contrary to many other cryptocurrencies that have actual uses the dogecoin cryptocurrency was developed as a humorous take on bitcoin. The cryptocurrency soared in the wake of the hype of messages boards and tweets from Elon Musk. It’s the same kind of speculation that caused GameStop to increase by over 400% within a single month in 2021.

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